General Information and Questionnaire

Please read our planning process, polices and procedures below, agree to our terms, sign and submit.

ABOUT OUR PLANNING PROCESS - There will be 3 Key phone calls. The initial phone call, the mid-point phone call and month prior to your event date call. Please note that there will be other phone calls, emails and or text throughout the process however, the 3 scheduled calls are important decision making ones. Once your deposit is received and posted, we will email you a checklist, cake flavors and DJ paperwork (if applicable). · Please visit our website and our company Facebook page (click here) Carles-Witt Events to see photos of events that we have planned. We have extensive photo galleries on our sites filled with flowers, cakes and décor along with testimonials that may interest you. Our website has a specific page designated to testimonials. Because adding photos to Facebook is effortless, we have the most recent photos of our events on our page. Please note that all of the images on our site are ours they are not “stock” photos, they are our events. We have been in business since 2006 therefore we have quite a collection of photos! · After the initial contract is signed and a deposit is received; the vendors will be booked, and a check list &DJ paperwork (if applicable) will be emailed to you. You may then start to send us photos of your floral, cake and design aspirations. We will keep them on file. We will also schedule the 3 important phone calls at this time. · Client is responsible for booking venues (i.e. lodging, event venue/s). Carles-Witt Events will be happy to recommend venues that would be acceptable for your event. You are held responsible for signed contracts, deposits or damages to the venue property unless otherwise directed. · Although we will be discussing your ideas and thoughts throughout the planning process we will discuss FINAL orders for food, flowers, wedding cake (design and flavors) linens and décor 1 month prior to the event date. We wait to discuss final item selections before the final order placement so that there will be no miscommunication. · Final guest count for catering due 1 week prior to event date. · For marriage license information and locations please (click here) Sevier County Clerk · For hair, make-up and nails we recommend (click here) Blades Salon in Pigeon Forge area Gatlinburg area (click here) All About You Salon We typically plan to have a rehearsal/setup the day prior to the event. Rehearsal date & time depends on the venue chosen and will be discussed. Catering/Bakery tasting appointments can be made Monday through Thursday (except May, Sept. & October) and charges may apply. Please be respectful of our time, we are an event planning company therefore we are continuously working on other events as well as yours. Please note; because of the nature of our business, we are out of the office frequently. If you call us and do not reach us leave a message or for faster service send us a text to the cellular number listed in the header of this letter. If we do not respond to you in a time that you think is sufficient, we apologize in advance. If your wedding date is set for a year out, our brides that are closer to their wedding date will get a call first for obvious reasons. When your day is approaching, I promise you, you will be of utmost important to us!